Vitamin D and Fish Oil Compliment Eachother

Why you need Fish Oil with your Vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D is a lot more effective when taken with a meal that contains fats or oil. Here’s why:

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that requires a certain amount of fat in the diet for absorption.

Clinical studies show that two controlled groups took vitamin D over a four week period. One group took Vitamin D with fish oil and the second group did not. Over a four week time period, Vitamin D levels decreased in both groups but the group who took it with fish oil maintained higher vitamin D levels.

Start taking your Vitamin D supplements with a meal that is heavy in healthy fats. If you don’t have the option of preparing a meal, take it with fish oil supplements.

You will enhance the effects of your Vitamin D supplements and as an added bonus reap the benefits of Omega 3. 

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